Mrs. Kayon Lucas

This ministry has impacted my life and my pregnancy. I have never heard anywhere that “miscarriages were an attack of war from the enemy on the family”! Geri’s study in Christ has taught her that for women like me, as we are used to accepting that miscarriages are apart of life when they do not have to be. After learning this, I was able to war and believe God for a baby after having five miscarriages. My husband and I are now six months pregnant and passed the stages of where we were having miscarriages. We are still getting word from the Lord that there are more babies to come! Geri has spoken a word of power in the 2015 at the Wifeability Summit “The babies are coming!” and I am experiencing the manifestation of that word in 2016. I am so glad to be apart of this faith walk and know that I will be blessed by the author’s work and so will you!
Thank you Geri Alicea for your obedience.