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Whether it’s in the morning and you want to start your day right with an affirmation, or at the end of the day and you simply need to process your emotions; the In The Waiting keepsake journal is perfect for all future mommies!

This journey is hard, and a lot of times it seems as if we have no one to talk to. There are so many emotions and feelings that go along with having infertility but most of us keep them all bottled up inside. THIS. IS. NOT. HEALTHY. We have to get all those thoughts, prayers, and emotions out; and I’ve come to realize that writing about it is one of the best ways to do that.

If you feel like no one understands your infertility struggle… THIS JOURNAL IS FOR YOU

If you feel like God has stopped hearing your prayers… THIS JOURNAL IS FOR YOU

If you feel like you need an outlet for your feelings… THIS JOURNAL IS FOR YOU

If you just simply don’t know what else to do… THIS JOURNAL IS FOR YOU!

Each journal has 200 pages which include encouraging bible verses sprinkled throughout and there is even a personal letter from Yours Truly….

In The Waiting Journal