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the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

The new Journey to Motherhood Encouragement Boxes are perfect for all Future Mommies. It doesn’t matter what your race, religion, or social status is. If you are desiring to have a baby then chances are you could use some encouragement. And that, my dear friends, is why this box was created.

I wanted to create something that would show my support of you while you’re on your Journey to Motherhood. While also simultaneously helping build your confidence in knowing that you actually are going to become a mom and increasing your hope concerning this matter… Upon reflection I realized that just ONE product wouldn’t be able to do all of that, so I combined a few different products and put them all in a beautiful box.

With this box you will receive
1. Lavender bath salts – I know, I know.. we hate people telling us to relax, but if truth be told that’s exactly what some of us need. And these lavender bath salts will aid in helping us achieve relaxation mode.
2. Scented candle – This can actually have a dual purpose. You can use the candle to help with operation relaxation… or you can use it to set the atmosphere for worship.
3. In The Waiting Journal – This journey comes with all kinds of feelings and emotions. I’ve learned that it’s better to write it out than keeping all that stuff bottled inside.
4. Faith Plaque – Sometimes a girl just needs a VISUAL reminder that everything is going to work out.
5. Mustard Seed Necklace – This is another visual reminder. Remember all it takes is faith the size of ONE tiny mustard seeds for mountains to move.

**If you have already purchased a journal, email and we will gladly give you something else in its place.

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