Womb Prep is a ministry that was designed specifically for the woman believing God for a baby. We aim to educate, empower and engage with women from all walks of life and help them prepare spiritually, mentally and physically for the children God has promised them. Although the name hints at simply trying to have a baby, Womb Prep is about so much more. It’s about truly being prepared, recognizing areas in ones life that need to be worked on and strengthening ones relationship with Christ.

At Womb Prep, we understand that the Journey to Motherhood is both difficult and emotional. This is why we pride ourselves on being a safe haven for women to vent and cry and to also receive prayer and encouragement. Our belief is that although this journey is extremely painful, no woman should have to go through it alone.



About Our Founder


Geri Alicea is the founder of Womb Prep, a Faith based ministry designed to help women that are on a Journey to Motherhood; and Author of the 21 day devotional “Overcoming Infertility: Faith While You Wait”. She is also an Infertility Blogger and Mentor. Her “real talk” and no nonsense approach to sharing her opinion on Infertility is heartfelt and relevant.

She loves sharing her personal experience and encouraging other women because she knows what it feels like to be on a Journey to Motherhood and have no one to talk to or understand. Her heart’s desire and personal mission is to make infertility LOUD and to ensure that women all over the globe never feel alone while walking their respective journeys.