The Importance of Celebrating The Small Victories

About 2 weeks ago, I got a text from a friend saying “I want to share something with you”. Now when I read that text I wasn’t sure how to feel. I can sometimes have an overactive imagination so I didn’t know if I needed to be concerned or not. My heart started beating fast and all kinds of thoughts were running through my head. It was the most stressful 30 seconds of my day LOL. But thankfully after I responded “Ok”, my friend quickly sent a text back telling me that she was pregnant……

Cue the sorrowful tears, right? NOPE… There were no tears. There wasn’t even that pinch of jealousy that I used to feel upon hearing that another woman is pregnant. There was nothing…. BUT JOY! Pure, unadulterated joy. Now, for the average woman, joy would be the default emotion when hearing that her friend, who has been in a season of waiting, has become pregnant. But for a woman like me, who is also in a season of waiting; joy can sometimes feel like a phantom emotion that’s not easy to obtain. This is why I consider this text encounter a major Small Victory!

It’s a victory because I didn’t cry for what I didn’t have.

It’s a victory because I had no feelings of jealousy.

It’s a victory because I was able to FREELY celebrate my friend on her pregnancy.

It’s a victory because God is still working miracles. (THAT PART!)

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in trying to obtain the big victories – pregnancy and giving birth to a baby – that we neglect the small ones that are happening every single day. This is actually pretty sad because neglecting the small victories also means missing the bigger picture.

We miss praising God for our progress.

We miss a positive change in our perspective.

We miss the opportunity to encourage and witness to others.

We miss recognizing that miracles are still happening.

And these things, my dear friends, are things that we should never miss while on this journey.

So what small victories are you celebrating today?

Maybe your small victory isn’t like mine… That’s perfectly ok. Yours could be getting through a baby shower in one piece or being able to walk through the baby aisle at Target with your head held high.

Whatever your small victory is, be sure to celebrate it. Know that God is working everything out and HE IS concerned about everything that concerns you (See Psalm 138:8).

One thought on “The Importance of Celebrating The Small Victories

  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to celebrate even in the small things because at some point it was a major thing! God bless you!!


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